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Launch of AMP Car Wash Membership App Receives Big Thumbs Up from Fabulous Freddy’s Car Wash

DENVER—AMP Memberships announces the launch of its advanced AMP-powered car wash app by Fabulous Freddy’s Car Wash, serving nine locations across Nevada and Utah. Unlike most car wash membership programs, AMP…

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DENVER—AMP Memberships announces the launch of its advanced AMP-powered car wash app by Fabulous Freddy’s Car Wash, serving nine locations across Nevada and Utah.


Unlike most car wash membership programs, AMP employs the latest technologies for seamless execution of all customer transactions via an app. (AMP also assists customers who prefer to integrate more traditional tactics such as window stickers or license plate IDs).


Each AMP car wash client receives a fully customized, branded mobile app, an advertising and promotion engine, and all the tools needed to launch a successful membership program. “We’ve seen mobile app adopters increase their membership revenue at least ten times month over month,” says AMP Memberships CEO Dennis Dreeszen.


With the AMP mobile platform, Fabulous Freddy’s customers can sign up for, upgrade and downgrade their Unlimited Monthly Pass, schedule online appointments, check their wash history, digitize their Freddy Card, earn fuel discounts, check their loyalty point balance, redeem Freddy Card points and rewards, and monitor club status. Freddy’s is also taking advantage of AMP’s Fleet Management system, enabling another revenue stream they previously had not been able to tap into. “The flow of the migration is very simple and seamless to the customer,” says Brandon Campbell, Freddy’s Vice President of Operations. “The customers have responded to it very positively, allowing us to quickly launch and ramp up our membership program.”


“The Fabulous Freddy’s brand is fun, engaging, and all about the customer’s experience,” says AMP Memberships CEO Dennis Dreeszen. “It’s exactly the kind of brand AMP was built for. Each Fabulous Freddy’s Car Wash location has a convenience store, gas, and franchised food and drink offerings; and AMP designed an app that integrated deals that cross-sell their services with pop-ups and fun animations.”


“Working with AMP was FABULOUS!” says Freddy Smith, Founder and CEO of Fabulous Freddy’s. “I have met with many companies offering monthly pass programs. Most of them didn’t seem interested in solving some of the potentially complicated obstacles our integration presented. AMP was the first developer who was willing and eager to create something for us that checked all our boxes. They even ended up making some of the processes even more refined than I had expected. They did a FABULOUS job!”


A demonstration of the AMP platform can be requested online at or via email at



About AMP Memberships – AMP Memberships is the creator of the AMP Membership Platform, the most powerful mobile app solution for the car wash industry. AMP Memberships is a partnership between Autowash, a leading car wash company, and Insiten, a leading software and mobile app development company. AMP Memberships has offices in Denver, CO and Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit