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Driving innovation in the car wash industry -
Unleashing creativity and expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions.
AMP Team at work
A team of US-based technologists that is fanatical about innovative solutioning and data integrity

who are we

A collaboration between Autowash, an industry leading car wash operation and Insiten, a technology powerhouse.

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Autowash enlisted Insiten to develop its groundbreaking membership mobile app, resulting in AMP. This powerful and adaptable mobile app platform was meticulously crafted for the car wash sector by a fellow car wash owner. Even before its launch, we recognized AMP's potential to revolutionize the industry.
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Insiten is a team of technology experts who are passionate about our craft and fanatical about making clients happy. We build mobile apps, websites, and analytics that give customer service reps superpowers and provide executives with the information they need to grow their business.

how did we get here

It all started in 2020...

As an organization weary of the limitations imposed by existing technology in the industry, as well as the prevalence of fraud associated with outdated tech platforms, Autowash recognized the urgent need to elevate the customer experience. Driven by a desire to enhance its membership program and optimize customer engagement, Autowash sought a better solution.

Autowash initially engaged with Insiten to create a bespoke solution tailored to their brand. As the project progressed, it became evident that they were developing a powerful tool with potential benefits extending beyond Autowash's operations to the entire car wash industry. Recognizing this, Insiten's development team swiftly pivoted, dedicating 100% of their efforts to refining the AMP platform.

From its inception, the AMP platform was shaped by the insights of a car wash operator. It wasn't a generic membership app repurposed from another industry; rather, it was meticulously designed specifically for the car wash sector. Continuously evolving, the platform thrives on feedback and ideas from car wash clients. With a dedicated team of in-house technologists and developers, AMP seamlessly integrates innovative concepts into its framework. While recognized as a frontrunner in car wash technology, AMP remains committed to growth and sophistication, ensuring it remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

Meet the Leadership Team

Dennis Dreeszen Autowash
Dennis Dreeszen
Co-Founder & CEO
Adam Trien
Co-Founder & CTO
Liz Meyers
Dylan von Kleist, Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Dylan von Kleist
VP, Sales & Marketing
Matt Osher
Matt Osher
Travis Barnaby
National Sales Manager

A few of our clients

AMP is helping leading car wash brands step into the next-generation of technology with cutting-edge software
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