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Will I have my very own mobile app?

Yes! Unlike our competitors where every car wash shares the same app, you will have your own fully branded, stand-alone application on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Does AMP integrate with our existing POS systems?

Absolutely! AMP can integrate with existing LPRs and RFID readers and display codes for keypads, bar codes and QR codes for scanning.

Can I migrate existing membership users to AMP?

Absolutely! We have helped car washes migrate tens-of-thousands of existing members to AMP.

How much does it all cost?

Recognizing that no two car washes are the same each quote starts out as a consultation. Our team factors in the complexity of your project, the features you need, and the number of locations you’ll operate to determine the price for your own app and/or kiosks. Start by scheduling a demo and after an in-depth conversation about your car wash we’ll provide you a customized quote to fit your unique needs. 

Does AMP support multiple locations?

Yes! In fact, many of the advertising and promotion features in AMP allow you to target customers based on location preferences. Each location can be managed, configured, and reported on in the admin portal.

How do I ensure a successful launch with AMP?

We are with you every step of the way! We will help develop a custom launch strategy to reach as many of your existing customers as possible. We’ve helped washes of varying sizes, from small to large, make the transition already and we’re ready to help you too! 

Is there any limitation to what size of car wash chains you work with?

AMP is engineered to provide measurable ROI to car wash chains with at least 5 active locations and can scale up to meet the demands of some of the biggest brands in the car wash industry. 

What happens if I need technical support?

We’ve got your back! AMP supports each client with a US-based team ready to support your team internally with everything from troubleshooting to utilizing the features of the platform. 

How does payment processing work?

AMP processes all membership and pay-per-wash payments and can accept any major credit card, Apply Pay, and Google Pay. Reimbursements will be sent directly to your bank account.

Do my customers have to use the app?

No. Memberships and retail sales can be performed by an attendant on a tablet. You can also maintain your existing RFID or LPR technology, even if the member signed up in AMP. However, our most successful clients make the app the cornerstone of their operation and use it to run innovative promotions and loyalty programs!

I have multiple POS systems across my locations, can AMP integrate all of them?

YES WE CAN! Whether you operate the same systems at every location or a variety of systems due to M&A we can create a seamless experience across your entire set of locations, both from a customer experience perspective and reporting.

Will I have access to my customer information?

Absolutely! We think the ransom fees some companies charge to access your data are ridiculous. They’re your customers so we give you unrestricted access to that data on demand without any fees or restrictions. Plus, our data is well-organized, free of duplicates, and full of rich analytics to make it more powerful for you.

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