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with over 47% of all transactions for retail and service now app-based are you missing the boat?

Consumer adoption of apps is at an all time high

Apps have woven themselves into the fabric of everyday life for most U.S. consumers. From booking vacations and placing coffee orders to updating gym memberships or purchasing shoes, brand-associated apps are increasingly integral to consumer interactions.

“An app opens up unique benefits for each user,” notes Dylan von Kleist, AMP Memberships VP of Sales & Marketing. “Whether it’s for discounts and deals or the sheer convenience, app adoption is soaring across all sectors, not just in car washes. Consumers are not only comfortable with apps but have come to expect the substantial benefits they offer.”

Recent data from eMarketer indicates that about 81.6% of the U.S. population, or roughly 276 million people, use a smartphone daily. Among these users, 65.8% engage with retail apps from their favorite brands, making branded retail apps one of the top three app categories, trailing only behind maps/navigation and weather apps.

This surge in app usage is further underscored by a staggering statistic from Business of Apps, which reveals that over 47% of all U.S. retail consumption, encompassing both goods and services, occurs through branded apps. This trend is driven by the smoother transaction processes offered by apps compared to the often-clunky experience of mobile websites. Enhanced security for digital payments, personalized shopping experiences, and app-exclusive perks like loyalty points and special deals round out the consumer experience to make apps a popular way to buy from your favorite brands.

For brands, the rise in app usage isn’t just about consumer convenience—it’s a strategic entry into valuable customer insights. Tailored promotional campaigns derived from app data can significantly enhance customer engagement and drive higher lifetime value (LTV). Imagine a scenario where a car wash app sends a discount offer to a user who hasn’t visited in months. Such targeted messaging not only revives dormant customers but also makes promotions more cost-effective and successful.

As our dependency on smartphones grows, the trajectory for app adoption appears set to continue rising. While achieving 100% adoption is unrealistic, the trends suggest that brands integrating apps as a pivotal component of their sales, marketing, and data strategies will see significant benefits for years to come.

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