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AMP Launches Groundbreaking Kiosk Technology at 2024 Southwest Car Wash Association Expo

Fort Worth, TX — In a significant leap forward for the car wash industry, AMP Memberships unveiled its innovative AMP Kiosk at the recent Southwest Car Wash Association Expo, captivating…


Fort Worth, TXIn a significant leap forward for the car wash industry, AMP Memberships unveiled its innovative AMP Kiosk at the recent Southwest Car Wash Association Expo, captivating attendees with its advanced technology and car wash operator-centric design. Developed and manufactured in the USA, the AMP Kiosk represents the latest in a series of industry-firsts from AMP, a company renowned for its innovative approach and cutting-edge solutions.  

Dylan von Kleist, VP of Sales & Marketing at AMP, expressed his enthusiasm: “We’ve taken the best-in-class technology and client-first approach of our white label app platform to fix all the shortcomings of the current point-of-sale systems on the market. The AMP kiosk is the point-of-sale the car wash industry has needed, but so many legacy providers have been unwilling or unable to provide.”

The AMP Kiosk is not just another addition to the market; it is a comprehensive POS solution that offers seamless integration with the AMP app and open architecture to allow integration with other equipment to provide a true ground-up reimagining of what a car wash point of sale can be. In addition to all this, the kiosk interfaces with AMP’s powerful attendant mode feature which empowers car wash attendants with a tablet-based solution that enhances customer interaction with step-by-step sales scripts and instant access to vital customer information, such as wash history and plan level, and more. 

Key features of the AMP Kiosk include:

– Real-time insights and accurate reporting powered by AI analytics.

– Full customization of the user interface, including logos, colors, text, marketing, and sales flows.

– Open compatibility with existing car wash technology, such as LPR and RFID systems allowing operators to choose how they operate.

– No ransom fees for data access, ensuring operators own their customer information down to the tokens and have immediate access in to it in real time.

The introduction of the AMP Kiosk was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from SCWA attendees, including several of the biggest brands in the car wash industry, who praised its sophistication, elegance, and the wide array of innovative features.

As car wash operators look to the future, the AMP Kiosk stands ready to revolutionize the industry by offering an unparalleled level of control, customization, and customer engagement. At the time of this release AMP is rolling out their kiosk system to current clients, providing them with first-access priority to modernize their car washes. Open availability to new clients is projected to begin in Q4 of 2024.

For more information about the AMP Kiosk and to request a demonstration of this powerful new piece of innovative technology, visit


About AMP MembershipsCreated by a car wash operator, for car wash operators, AMP Memberships empowers each car wash with its own custom-branded and configured smartphone app. A full suite of robust tools drive membership growth, retain existing members, and supercharge marketing efforts. With unmatched tech sophistication, ease of deployment, and dedicated ongoing support from a US-based team of developers, AMP Memberships is the ultimate solution for any car wash looking to make data driven decisions, slash churn, and enhance customer experience. AMP Memberships has offices in Denver, CO and Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit  For media inquiries, contact: Dylan von Kleist, AMP VP of Sales and Marketing,