Add ridiculous value to your membership platform

Don’t become just another car wash on a generic membership platform.
Get YOUR OWN APP that promotes YOUR CAR WASH and grows YOUR BUSINESS!

Amplify your business with a 100% managed, ready-to-go car wash membership platform

“AMP immediately increased the traffic at my car wash and has completely removed seasonality from the equation. As a result, I have happy clients, long lines, and unbelievable growth.”

Dynamic Technology

Mobile Car Wash App

Slick, modern, and progressive; designed to exceed the high tech demands of your users

VROOM Marketing Engine

Loads of features and tools to connect with your customer base and drive conversion

Admin Portal

Access to everything you need to manage your memberships and steer your business

Reporting & Analytics

Drill into your customers’ behaviors & gain actionable insights with on-demand dashboards and reports.

Full-Service Customer Support

LIVE call center

  • US-based customer service center open 7 days a week
  • Friendly, expertly trained customer service reps

Personalized Service

  • Custom-tailored interactions based on user profiles and usage history
  • Backed by the power of Salesforce Sales & Service Clouds


  • Automatically identify issues such as login or payment failures
  • Proactively troubleshoot & communicate with clients 

Targeted Advertising

Connect with your customers where they are and when they’re ready. Improve customer loyalty, increase conversions, and ultimately increase your ROI.

Targeted Marketing for your car wash

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