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AMP & Retention Express Partnership

UNITED STATES, November 4, 2021 — AMP Technologies, creators of a state-of-the-art car wash membership platform has joined forces with Retention Express, a white glove customer support provider, to create an enhanced car wash membership experience that boosts customer satisfaction and reduces churn. The partnership officially launches with on-site demonstrations at The Car Wash Show™ 2021 in Las Vegas November 15 to 17.

AMP provides car washes with their own customized, fully branded mobile app, an advertising and promotion engine, and all the tools needed to launch a successful membership program. The AMP platform was developed to increase sales; create a recurring, dependable revenue stream; eliminate seasonality; build brand loyalty; and engage with customers through ads, promotions, family plans, and referrals.

“We are thrilled to partner with AMP,” says Bobby Thomson, CEO of Retention Express. “Their membership app is truly cutting edge and we can provide the excellent customer service to drive success for our customers. We’re all about providing cost effective, outsourced solutions to help owners gain competitive market advantage and delivery of excellent customer experiences across all touchpoints.”

Using AMP’s admin portal, Retention Express has access to rich data and analytics, helping to provide swift and responsive customer service. They can instantly view membership status and invoice history; reset member passwords; unlock accounts; and see when, where, and how often members wash their cars. Questions and problems can be addressed swiftly, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention.

“AMP’s partnership with a world-class customer call center offers clients an outsourced avenue for seamless customer support,” says AMP CEO Dennis Dreeszen. “For clients who don’t have an in-house customer support team, this is an excellent solution. It’s all about customer retention and reducing customer churn.”

For a demonstration or more information, contact Elizabeth Meyers at emeyers@ampmemberships.com and Bobby Thomson at bobby@retentionexpress.com.

If you are attending The Car Wash Show™ in Las Vegas, please visit AMP’s booth #518 and Retention Express’s booth #1632.

• https://ampmemberships.com/
• https://retentionexpress.com/

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